Flu Jab Fraud Alert

It has been brought to our attention that patients may be targeted by this latest flu jab fraud scam. The fraudster’s aim is to trick unsuspecting patients, particularly the elderly or more vulnerable patients, into handing over their bank card details by claiming to be taking a nominal payment for a flu jab.

A fraudster is alleged to have called an elderly lady claiming to be a doctor from a local surgery. He advised that her usual surgery was short staffed and had therefore entered into an agreement with him to deliver flu vaccinations.

When the patient said that she was housebound and could not get to another surgery, he booked a home visit for the same day with a ‘nurse’. At the home visit, the ‘doctor’ suggested using a larger syringe at a cost of £1.50 and asked for the patient’s debit card details.

It is understood that almost £4,000 has been taken in a number of out of area transactions.