Atlas Men’s Stress & Resilience Group

The Atlas Men’s Stress & Resilience Group

Do you feel as if your mind or body are over-stretched? Is getting through the day an uphill struggle?

As demands pile up, do small problems feel too much? Are you trying harder but achieving less?

Were you just about getting by day-to-day until something unexpected tipped you over: maybe job stress, unemployment, a personal loss, illness…..?


  • Are tension and worry using up energy?
  • Do you feel wound up, can’t relax or focus?
  • Is sleep patchy, or unrefreshing?
  • Do you find you’re over-reacting to small things?
  • Started drinking or a smoking more?
  • Are negative thoughts preying on your mind?


Warning signs. Long before stress makes us ill, it can cause tension and tiredness. And it affects emotions, so relationships become trickier. We see the world through how we feel, so everything seems gloomier or unsafe. Thinking isn’t so sharp. We lose our edge.


The Atlas Men’s Stress & Resilience Group (MSRG) has ideas for making sense of how you’re feeling, and techniques for tackling stress-related pain and tension.


We developed the Atlas MSRG Programme to help men understand stress, and restore resilience. Our program is designed to help you tackle tension, bounce back to form, and discover new sources of energy

A five session program to learn

  • Why we are hard-wired for stress and recovery
  • How stress impacts on you, personally
  • Ways to stabilise and calm your nervous system
  • Ways of shifting out of toxic thinking
  • Options for bouncing forward in times of trouble
  • Saturday sessions starting 4th April 2020 At Victoria Medical Centre (VMC) 10am–12 noon. To book in, see a GP at Lees Place or VMC