HIV Testing Better To Know

HIV is now a treatable medical condition and the majority of those living with the virus remain fit and well on treatment. Despite this, a significant number of people in the UK, especially in London, are unaware of their HIV infection and remain at risk to their own health and of passing the virus unwittingly on to others.

Late diagnosis of HIV makes treatment more difficult and less effective.

We are offering ALL new and existing patients the chance to be screened for HIV at the surgery. Just ask the nurse at your new patient check-up or hand this flyer into reception. You won’t have to answer any questions or enter into any discussions you don’t want to although you are welcome to ask as many as you like. We will let you know how and when to get your results in complete confidence and will help you with advice on future testing or referral if required.

Surely it’s better to know? Take up the offer of a free HIV test